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Departments & Subjects

Creative Arts

We offer great opportunities to develop their creativity and demonstrate their skills through design

Design & Technology

Making skills and creative thinking will be explored in order to design and make innovative products


Developing a broader understanding of key ideas, issues and themes

Food & Nutrition

Food Preparation and Nutrition allows pupils to explore their creativity


Encouraging exploration of cultures, landscapes and environments

ICT & Computing

Our outstanding department ensures students are confident users of computers and software


Mathematics has lots to offer students of all abilities. Qualifications in mathematics are highly sought-after

Modern Foreign Languages

Learn a Foreign Language and get a competitive edge whilst enjoying a fantastic learning experience


Music offers opportunities to develop creativity through composing, improvising and inventing


Science is the systematic study of the nature and behaviour of the material and physical universe

Sports & Physical Education

Physical Education is vital in maintaining student’s health, fitness and well-being


We offer great opportunities to develop their understanding of history


We offer great opportunities to develop their understanding of drama

Beliefs & Values

Beliefs & Values makes an important contribution to the overall school curriculum


The Latest News from Honiton Community College

We continually update this content to share with you important news from the college.

cropped StudentsApplaudingHero

Callie in Year 10 competes in the Martial Art of Muay Thai

Callie in Year 10 competes in the Martial Art of Muay Thai at the local club called Twin Tigers. She has entered IFMA (International Federation of Muay Thai Associations) Virtual[…]

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Honiton Community College Appoints Language Leaders

Congratulations to the Honiton Community College students who have been appointed Language Leaders for this academic year (the majority of whom are in the picture)! The Language Leaders Award programme[…]

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Well Done Maicey Year 10

Well done to Maicey (Year 10) who competed in gymnastics in the category of Grade 4  Women’s Group and achieved gold which makes them South West Champions. Also well done[…]

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