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Useful information and guidance regarding Covid-19

We understand what a challenge the Covid-19 pandemic has been and would like to reassure parents that we take this issue very seriously. The safety and wellbeing of our staff, students parents and carers is of paramount importance to us.  Below you will find all the relevant information in relation to Covid-19. 

How is Honiton Community College dealing with Covid-19

Watch this short video which outlines how we at Honiton Community College are dealing with Covid-19. We constantly ensure we are complying with the latest govenment guidlines and following the science to provide a safe and effective learning environment for students.

We would also recommend parents and carers visit the site for additional ‘need to know’ information about schools and colleges during Covid-19.

What parents and carers need to know about Covid-19

Steps to completing a rapid Covid-19 lateral flow test

The process to complete a self-test is fairly straight forward and once you have done this a couple of times you will soon become comfortable with conducting these tests as and when required. Each time you complete a test, please report it to us by clicking the button below and completing our online form.

Submit My Covid Test Results to Honiton Community College
Covid test procedure diagram

Honiton Community College Covid-19 Guidance

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions which may remain unanswered by the resources on this page. We are always happy to provide additional help and support where we can.

Emotional wellbeing during the pandemic

In recognition of the unprecedented challenges which the outbreak and extended periods of self-isolation can pose, Public Health England has published new online guidance setting out principles to follow to help people to manage their mental health during this difficult time, such as maintaining contact with friends and family via telephone and video calls or social media, keeping a regular routine and sleeping pattern and focusing on a hobby or learning something new.

Parents and carers will also benefit from tailored advice on how to support children and young people with stress during the coronavirus outbreak, which includes providing clear information, being aware of their own reactions and creating a new routine.

We have prepared a list of useful resources and websites in relation to this important topic below. In addition you can contact the School Nurse Chat on 07520631722, a texting service for all 11-19 years olds. You can also contact the NHS via email on or by telephone on 0333 234 1903 for further guidance.


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