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    cropped StudentsApplaudingHero

    Callie in Year 10 competes in the Martial Art of Muay Thai

    Callie in Year 10 competes in the Martial Art of Muay Thai at the local club called Twin Tigers. She has entered IFMA (International Federation of Muay Thai Associations) Virtual[…]

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    Honiton Community College Appoints Language Leaders

    Congratulations to the Honiton Community College students who have been appointed Language Leaders for this academic year (the majority of whom are in the picture)! The Language Leaders Award programme[…]

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    Well Done Maicey Year 10

    Well done to Maicey (Year 10) who competed in gymnastics in the category of Grade 4  Women’s Group and achieved gold which makes them South West Champions. Also well done[…]

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