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Catering at Honiton Community College is provided by Innovate IFG. Food choice, flexibility, quality and speed are at the heart of what is offered. Inspired by the best and most fashionable high street concepts, Innovate prides themselves on fusing fantastic quality food with the industry’s leading quick service style food markets and cafes.

Fruit and veg in a bowl
Seeds and vegetables

What’s on Offer and When?

Breakfast:  7.45 am to 8.30 am.
Students can choose from cooked breakfast, Danish pastries, cereal or fruit.

Break-time:  10:50 to 11:05  and Lunchtime is 13:10 – 13:50.

During these times students have a whole range of food available to them including, various filled sandwiches, cob, baguettes and wraps.   Pasta pots, veg pots, fruit pots/bags, jelly, various yoghurt and fruit granola are also available along with an award-winning cake selection.

The Canteen offers a different themed cooked lunch each day of the week;
Monday & Tuesday – Traditional Italian or English
Wednesday – Roast
Thursday – Curry
Friday – Fish & Chips


Your First Visit to our Restaurant

The school day is a busy one, throwing lots of challenges at you from every direction. To make sure you have the energy and brainpower to enjoy and succeed throughout your day, you need to eat well… that’s where Innovate come in! Join the welcoming team in the restaurant to try their great selection of freshly prepared food. You’ll be amazed at the choices on offer. It may take a little longer to choose on your first visit but you’ll soon get used to the way things work… it’s simple!

When making your selection don’t forget to look out for our special offers and meal deals

Roast dinner
Boiled vegetables in a bowl

We’re Proud of Our Food

Food is at the heart of everything Innovate do. They source responsibly and locally, where possible. Over 95% of the food served is prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients… daily sandwiches, main meals, bakery and salad bar to name a few. The menus created are designed to provide you with the very best mix of contemporary, global and traditional flavours to enhance your dining experience, whilst providing well-balanced menus to help support a healthy lifestyle.

Covering all Tastes

Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant, ‘spice-loving’ or any other type of foodie, we have something for you. If you have any dietary requirements we will be happy to cater for your needs. We adapt our menus to suit you all as we know everyone has their own particular tastes – so if you don’t see anything you like, please speak with the Chef Manager, who will be happy to help.

Fruit and veg in a bowl

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