Honiton Community College

Success for all


Welcome to Honiton Community College,
a non-selective 11-18 secondary school
in East Devon

We provide a caring and supportive environment in which all of our students can achieve their full potential, both academically and socially.

As well as a balanced curriculum with a focus on academic excellence, we also offer a broad range of extra-curricular activities – music, drama, sport, outdoor education and many more.

Our students enjoy their learning, and the College has a happy and friendly atmosphere of mutual respect where everyone’s opinion is valued. We place great emphasis on pastoral care, so that each student feels understood and safe, and is supported to face their challenges.

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What does Honiton Community College offer?

Please watch this short video, made by two of our year nine students, to find out what the College offers.

Success for all

When your child starts at Honiton Community College, we hope that you will become actively involved in our community and work with us to achieve our goals. We regard our relationship as a seven-year partnership that provides continuity and progression. It begins for each child at the age of 11, and develops and strengthens each year until they are 18 years old.

We want every student at the College to believe in themselves and their potential to succeed, and to feel empowered to shape their own futures.  

Student working with test tubes in science class

The right to learn 

Students clapping on sports day

The right to respect and
fair treatment

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The right to be safe

Our prospectus

A copy of our most recent prospectus is available for you to view online and can be easily printed if required. We hope you enjoy reading about all the exciting opportunities Honiton Community College has to offer and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Honiton Community College Executive Leadership

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Glenn Smith


Marie-Claire Jefferies

Vice Principal

Rob Robson

Vice Principal Pastoral

Selena Burroughs

Director Post 16

Jessie Hay

Director of Finance and Resources

Faith Harrell

Assistant Principal, Director of Special Needs


Latest News from Honiton Community College

We continually update this content to share with you important news from the college.

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Callie in Year 10 competes in the Martial Art of Muay Thai

Callie in Year 10 competes in the Martial Art of Muay Thai at the local club called Twin Tigers. She has entered IFMA (International Federation of Muay Thai Associations) Virtual[…]

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Honiton Community College Appoints Language Leaders

Congratulations to the Honiton Community College students who have been appointed Language Leaders for this academic year (the majority of whom are in the picture)! The Language Leaders Award programme[…]

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Well Done Maicey Year 10

Well done to Maicey (Year 10) who competed in gymnastics in the category of Grade 4  Women’s Group and achieved gold which makes them South West Champions. Also well done[…]

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